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Civil War Era Titles:

Affectionately, Rachel
Letters from India, 1860–1884
Barbara Mitchell Tull
Ambrose Bierce’s Civilians and Soldiers in Context
A Critical Study
Donald T. Blume
The American Civil War through British Eyes
Dispatches from British Diplomats, Volume 1, November 1860–April 1862
James J. Barnes
Patience P. Barnes
The American Civil War through British Eyes
Dispatches from British Diplomats, Volume 2, April 1862–February 1863
James J. Barnes
Patience P. Barnes
The Antebellum Crisis and America's First Bohemians
Mark A. Lause
The American Civil War through British Eyes
Dispatches from British Diplomats, Volume 3, February 1863–December 1865
James J. Barnes
Patience P. Barnes
Essays on the 1862 Maryland Campaign
Gary W. Gallagher
April ‘65
Confederate Covert Action in the American Civil War
William A. Tidwell
At Custer‘s Side
The Civil War Writings of James Harvey Kidd
Eric J. Wittenberg
August Willich‘s Gallant Dutchmen
Civil War Letters from the 32nd Indiana Infantry
Joseph R. Reinhart
Banners South
A Northern Community at War
Edmund J. Raus Jr.
“Behind Bayonets”
The Civil War in Northern Ohio
David Van Tassel
with John Vacha
The Best School
West Point, 1833–1866
James L. Morrison
Bloody Dawn
The Story of the Lawrence Massacre
Thomas Goodrich
The Boy General
The Life and Careers of Francis Channing Barlow
Richard F. Welch
Broken Glass
Caleb Cushing and the Shattering of the Union
John M. Belohlavek
The Business of Captivity
Elmira and Its Civil War Prison
Michael P. Gray
Campfires of Freedom
The Camplife of Black Soldiers during the Civil War
Keith P. Wilson
Caution and Cooperation
The American Civil War in British-American Relations
Phillip E. Myers
“Circumstances are destiny”
An Antebellum Woman‘s Struggle to Define Sphere
Tina Stewart Brakebill
Civil War Prisons
William B. Hesseltine
The Cleveland Grays
An Urban Military Company, 1837–1919
George N. Vourlojianis
Coming Home (DVD)

Jack Gieck
Confederate Tide Rising
Robert E. Lee and the Making of Southern Strategy, 1861–1862
Joseph L. Harsh
Connecticut Yankees at Gettysburg
Charles P. Hamblen
Conrad Wise Chapman
Artist and Soldier of the Confederacy
Ben L. Bassham
Fallen Leaves
The Civil War Letters of Major Henry Livermore Abbott
Robert Garth Scott
Fernando Wood
A Political Biography
Jerome Mushkat
Fiction as Fact
The Horse Soldiers and Popular Memory
Neil Longley York
Fire Within
A Civil War Narrative from Wisconsin
Kerry A. Trask
The First Day at Gettysburg
Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership
Gary W. Gallagher
Forgotten Valor
The Memoirs, Journals, and Civil War Letters of Orlando B. Willcox
Robert Garth Scott
The Fourth Battle of Winchester
Toward a New Civil War Paradigm
Richard M. McMurry
From Rail-Splitter to Icon
Lincoln’s Image in Illustrated Periodicals, 1860–1865
Gary L. Bunker
Allan Peskin
General Grant by Matthew Arnold with a Rejoinder by Mark Twain
John Y. Simon
“Gentleman George” Hunt Pendleton
Party Politics and Ideological Identity
in Nineteenth-Century America
Thomas Mach
George B. McClellan and Civil War History
In the Shadow of Grant and Sherman
Thomas J. Rowland
Haskell of Gettysburg
His Life and Civil War Papers
Frank L. Byrne
Andrew T. Weaver
A Hero to His Fighting Men
Nelson A. Miles, 1839–1925
Peter R. DeMontravel
History of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Henry O. Harden
Edited by Scott Cameron
Holding the Line
The Third Tennessee Infantry, 1861–1864, by Flavel C. Barber
Robert H. Ferrell
Ironclad Captain
Seth Ledyard Phelps and the U.S. Navy, 1841–1864
Jay Slagle
Lewis Cass and the Politics of Moderation
Willard Carl Klunder
A Light and Uncertain Hold
A History of the Sixty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
David Thackery
Long Road to Liberty
The Odyssey of a German Regiment in the Yankee Army: The 15th Missouri Infantry
Donald Allendorf
Major General John Alexander McClernand
Politician in Uniform
Richard L. Kiper
Major McKinley
William McKinley and the Civil War
William H. Armstrong
Meade’s Army
The Private Notebooks of Lt. Col. Theodore Lyman
David W. Lowe
Medical Histories of Confederate Generals
Jack D. Welsh
Medical Histories of Union Generals
Jack D. Welsh
Memoirs of a Dutch Mudsill
David H. Gould
James B. Kennedy
More Than a Contest Between Armies
Essays on the Civil War Era
James Marten and
A. Kristen Foster
No Disgrace to My Country
The Life of John C. Tidball
Eugene Tidball
Northerners at War
Reflections on the Civil War Home Front
J. Matthew Gallman
No Sorrow Like Our Sorrow
Northern Protestant Ministers and the Assassination of Lincoln
David B. Chesebrough
One of Custer’s Wolverines
The Civil War Letters of Brevet Brigadier General James H. Kidd, 6th Michigan Cavalry
Eric J. Wittenberg
Orlando M. Poe
Paul Taylor
Pen of Fire
John Moncure Daniel, 1825–1865
Peter Bridges
Political Abolitionism in Wisconsin, 1840–1861
Michael J. McManus
A Politician Turned General
The Civil War Career of Stephen Augustus Hurlbut
Jeffrey N. Lash
Prison Life among the Rebels
Recollections of a Union Chaplain
Edward D. Jervey
Red River Campaign
Politics and Cotton in the Civil War
Ludwell H. Johnson
The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Vol 1
Journals, 1829–1872
John Niven
The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Vol 2
Correspondence, 1823–1857
John Niven
The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Vol 3
Correspondence, 1858–March 1863
John Niven
The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Vol 4
Correspondence, April 1863–1864
John Niven
The Salmon P. Chase Papers, Vol 5
Correspondence, 1865–1873
John Niven
Scars to Prove It
The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction
Craig A. Warren
The Second Day at Gettysburg
Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership
Gary W. Gallagher
Sherman’s Other War
The General and the Civil War Press
John F. Marszalek
Sounding the Shallows
A Confederate Companion for the Maryland Campaign of 1862
Joseph L. Harsh
The Struggle for the Life of the Republic
A Civil War Narrative by Brevet Major Charles Dana Miller, 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Stewart Bennett
Barbara Tillery
Struggle for the Shenandoah
Essays on the 1864 Valley Campaign
Gary W. Gallagher
“The Supply for Tomorrow Must Not Fail”
The Civil War of Captain Simon Perkins Jr., Union Quartermaster
Lenette S. Taylor
A Surgeon’s Civil War
The Letters and Diary of Daniel M. Holt, M.D.
James M. Greiner
Janet L. Coryell
James R. Smither
Taken at the Flood
Robert E. Lee and Confederate Strategy in the Maryland Campaign of 1862
Joseph L. Harsh
Tales of Soldiers and Civilians
Ambrose Bierce
Ten Months in the Orphan Brigade
Conrad Wise ChapmanÍs Civil War Memoir
Ben L. Bassham
Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850
Boundary Dispute and Sectional Crisis
Mark J. Stegmaier
Three Days at Gettysburg
Essays on Confederate and Union Leadership
Gary W. Gallagher
Union and Emancipation
Essays on Politics and Race in the Civil War Era
David W. Blight
Brooks D. Simpson
We Have It Damn Hard Out Here
The Civil War Letters of Sergeant Thomas W. Smith, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Eric J. Wittenberg
The Weary Boys
Colonel J. Warren Keifer and the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Thomas E. Pope
We Were the Ninth
A History of the Ninth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
April 17, 1861, to June 7, 186
Constantin Grebner
Winfield Scott and the Profession of Arms
Allan Peskin
Zoar in the Civil War
Philip E. Webber

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