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Black Squirrel Books

The Black Squirrel Books imprint includes new nonfiction for the general reader as well as reprints of valuable studies of Ohio and its people, including historical writings, literary studies, biographies, and literature.

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Badal Cover image

Though Murder Has No Tongue

The Lost Victim of Cleveland’s Mad Butcher

by James Jessen Badal

Beggars of Life

by Jim Tully

with an introduction by Paul J. Bauer and Mark Dawidziak


Tully4 cover art
Tully3 Cover Art

The Bruiser

by Jim Tully

with an introduction by Paul J. Bauer and Mark Dawidziak
foreword by Gerald Early


The Coming of Fabizze

by Raymond DeCapite

DeCapite cover image
DeCapite cover image

A Lost King

by Raymond DeCapite


Circus Parade

by Jim Tully

Tully_J2 cover image
Tully_J cover image

Shanty Irish

by Jim Tully


History of the 90th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

by Henry O. Harden
Edited by Scott Cameron

Harden cover art
Gleisser cover art

The World of Cyrus Eaton

by Marcus Gleisser


Our Native Trees and How to Identify Them

A Popular Study of Their Habits and Their Peculiarities

by Harriet L. Keeler

Keeler cover art
Johnson cover art

My Story

by Tom L. Johnson

Edited by Elizabeth J. Hauser
Introduction by John J. Grabowski


The Western Reserve

The Story of New Connecticut in Ohio

by Harlan Hatcher





This title is currently out of print, but
may still be available from Amazon.

Hatcher cover art
Johnson cover art


The Making of a City

by William Ganson Rose
Introduction by John J. Grabowski

Status: We are currently accepting submissions for this series.

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