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Literature and Medicine Series
Michael Blackie, Editor
Carol Donley and Martin Kohn, Founding Editors

Since 1990, the Center for Literature, Medicine and Biomedical Humanities at Hiram College has brought humanities and the health care professions together in mutually enriching interactions, including interdisciplinary courses, summer symposia, and the Literature and Medicine book series from the Kent State University Press.

The books in the series examine questions of human values in health care contexts and are designed to serve students, health care professionals, and the wider community.

The Country Doctor Revisited

A Twenty-First-Century Reader

edited by Therese Zink


Zink Cover
Hughes_H cover image

Beyond Forgetting

Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease

edited by Holly J. Hughes


The Heart’s Truth

Essays on the Art of Nursing

Cortney Davis


Davis_C cover image
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Return to The House of God
Medical Resident Education 1978–2008

Edited by Martin Kohn and Carol Donley

The Spirit of the Place
Samuel Shem

Shem cover art
Belli_A cover image

Bodies and Barriers
Dramas of Dis-Ease

Edited by Angela Belli

Lisa’s Story
The Other Shoe

Tom Batiuk

Batiuk_T cover art
MacKenzie_C cover art

Wider than the Sky
Essays and Meditations on the Healing Power
of Emily Dickinson

Edited by Cindy MacKenzie and Barbara Dana

Stories of Illness and Healing
Women Write Their Bodies

Sayantani DasGupta and Marsha Hurst

DasGupta cover art
Baruch cover art

Fourteen Stories
Doctors, Patients, and Other Strangers

Jay Baruch

A rich collection of short fiction that gives voice to a variety of people who, faced with difficult moral choices, find themselves making disturbing self-discoveries. Baruch’s unique voice is a welcome addition to the genre of medical narratives—fiction and non-fiction alike—that is becoming increasingly important to medical and nursing schools’ and university curricula.

Our Human Hearts
A Medical and Cultural Journey

Albert Howard Carter III

A nonfiction exploration of the meanings of the human heart as interpreted by two traditions: medical science, which has made possible dramatic cardiac surgery and sophisticated drug treatments, and the much older cultural traditions that view the heart as a repository for wisdom, courage, emotion and the soul.

Carter cover art
Schaefer cover art

The Poetry of Nursing
Edited by Judy Schaefer

Judy Schaefer has compiled this anthology of contemporary nurse-poets’ work, which is accompanied by their commentaries about their poetry, their work, and their lives. She has gathered contributions from some of the best-known nurse-poets as well as from those who deserve to be.

Tenderly Lift Me
Jeanne Bryner

Author Jeanne Bryner has gathered biographical sketches of remarkable nurses, each accompanied by poetry and photographs, and has created the multigenre presentation that is the compassionate and complex Tenderly Lift Me. This book concentrates on nurses' voices and experiences, and extends perceptions of how health care is understood and delivered by recognizing nurses as primary caregivers.

Bryner cover art
Coulehan cover art

Chekhov's Doctors
Jack Coulehan

In his brief but distinguished life, Anton Chekhov was a doctor, a documentary essayist, an admired dramatist, and a humanitarian. The stories in Chekhov’s Doctors are powerful portraits of doctors in their everyday lives, struggling with their own personal problems as well as trying to serve their patients.

Carol Donley & Martin Kohn

Carol Donley & Martin Kohn believe that “physicians stand at a unique vantage point as observers of the human condition.” In Recognitions: Doctors and Their Stories, contributors Richard Selzer, Robert Coles, Perri Klass, Jack Coulehan, prove this assertion through their moving and enlightening prose.

Donley cover art
Donley cover art

What's Normal?
Carol Donley & Sheryl Buckley

The first section of What’s Normal? presents a wide-ranging collection of essays and articles written by renowned clinicians who address clinical, ethical, and social issues related to mental illness and disorders. The second section uses fiction, poetry, and drama to portray mental and behavioral abnormalities, sometimes from “inside” the perspective of the deviant and sometimes from the experiences of family, friends, and other engaged observers.

The Tyranny of the Normal
Carol Donley & Sheryl Buckley

This anthology examines the experiences of those who live outside social norms for attractiveness, size, and shape; it also explores the reactions of “normal” people to those who seem grotesque. The first section includes essays and articles written by health care professionals about the treatment of those with eating disorders or physical deformities. Part two contains more than 40 stories, poems, and plays about people with various abnormalities.

Donley cover art
Kohn cover art

Literature & Aging
Martin Kohn, Carol Donley, & Delese Wear

Some of the world's greatest literature is devoted to expressing the joys and sorrows humans experience as they grow old. This collection of more than 60 short stories, poems, and plays addresses these issues primarily through the works of modern American writers. The selections represent the experience of aging from the perspective of persons of diverse color, ethnicity, and background.

Status: We are currently accepting submissions for this series.


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